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Grant requests can be submitted by Lake Campus faculty, staff, and/or students. Grant requests must be submitted on the WOEF Grant Application Form and must be pre-approved by your Unit Head/or Supervisor first then the Dean of the Lake Campus. 


The grant application deadline is September 16th for the Fall Semester grant cycle, and on January 20th for the Spring Semester grant cycle.  Pay special attention to the table below to make sure that your application is submitted and available for review by the Board prior to the date that the funding is required. 

        DEADLINES & TIMELINES         

   Grant application deadlines:

   Notification of selection:

                    FALL GRANT                   



                 SPRING GRANT                 



Grant requests cannot exceed $1,500 per application and requests must be for the benefit of students. Applicants must complete this information to apply:

  1. This complete application.

  2. A quote, invoice, itinerary, or picture of a pending shopping cart showing the amount and prices of product(s) you are wanting to purchase or trips you are seeking travel money for.

  3. A short paragraph stating your project/and or trip, why you are requesting funds, and what benefit will be added to students by completing this project/and or trip. If a paragraph explanation is not submitted the application will not be viewed.

Grant applicants who receive funds will be required to attend a monthly WOEF Board meeting to talk about the use of grant funds. 

If you are requesting technology, please work with CaTS before applying to ensure compatible equipment and accurate prices. 

Contact Information

For more information about grant funding, please contact Gretchen Rentz at (419) 586-0336 or

Download Grant Application
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